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Solar Powered Pedestrian Crossing (Belisha) Beacon

The only Patented Solar Powered Belisha Beacon (UK patent number GB2519445) that is simply bolted on top of a pole and no mains power or cabling is required


Our design philosophy has always been to provide a reliable beacon that is simple to install

Lead Free Power Pack

Environmentally friendly custom lead free power pack than can be recharged 2,000 times compared to only 500 recharges with lead.


Power Controller

The builder comes packed with tons of great modules, and more are on the way! Combine and arrange them in any order.

Maintenance Free

Automatically operates twenty four seven, throughout the entire year
No maintenance required

Osram LED Bulb

100,000 hours Osram LED bulb with Ambient Light Sensor adapts the bulbs brightness compared to the external light conditions.


Industry Compliant

Complies with BS 8442-2006 industry specifications for Belisha and Refuge beacons.


Zero energy consumption and CO2 emissions following installation

Intelligent Timer

Intelligent timer enables beacon operation during business opening hours.

Cost Effective

Cost effective replacement for faulty mains beacons e.g. due to cable faults

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